Intercultural Intergenerational Resiliency Framework

Intercultural Intergenerational
Resiliency Framework

IIRF Project

Funded by Canadian Heritage, this project will work with a cross-section of stakeholders from immigrant, refugee and Indigenous communities to develop a new Intercultural Intergenerational Resiliency Framework (IIRF). Over the 19-month project period, RIWC worked with the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience to build bridges to and between Canada’s First Nations communities and newcomers to Canada to promote intercultural understanding and increase awareness of Canada’s cultural diversity.

Through this project, we drew on Canada’s rich Indigenous and multicultural history to:

  • Promote intercultural understanding between Indigenous and diverse marginalized communities of the values, significance and meanings of intergenerational resilience for Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups;
  • Through increased awareness of intergenerational resilience and the exchange of knowledge and ideas around this framework, provide a platform for participating groups and organizations to develop future relevant projects on this topic; and
  • Develop a framework to mitigate the impact of intergenerational racism and discrimination on the mental wellbeing of immigrant, refugee and racialized communities.

Outcomes from our intercultural dialogue has been integrated into the development of a cohesive Intergenerational Resilience Framework and Community Report to document our process and outcomes. Our framework is focused on building new resilience strategies to promote individual & family, and community & organizational healing.


IIRF Project
Donors and supporters, Riverdale Immigrant Women's Center, RIWC