Violence Against Women Program

Violence Against Women Program

VAW Program

The Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) program assists women and children victimized by violence by providing the emotional and practical support needed to lead a life free of abuse. The objective of the program is to increase the safety of assaulted women and their children who are fleeing violent relationships and ensure that their lives are not further endangered.

Each year, our program supports over 400 racialized and newcomer women and children who have experienced abuse during the course of their lives. RIWC’s VAW program offers crisis intervention (on-site and by phone), safety planning, referral support, advocacy and escort services to liaise with community partners/legal resources.

Clients who are eligible for VAWC services include all women, children and their family members who have experienced abuse and/or sexual assault, including historic sexual abuse in childhood in order that they may live free of violence. We provide confidential, culturally specific counseling services and support provided by immigrant women. Counselling services available in English, Hindi, Mayalalam, Tagalog, and Tamil.

Services offered through the VAWC program include:

  • Safety Planning to develop strategies or plans for women and their dependents to take steps to improve their safety and prepare them for the possibility of further violence.
  • In person, telephone and virtual crisis/support counseling)
  • Advocacy support to provide clients with rights information and interpretation services
  • Sexual Assault Counseling
  • Long-term Therapeutic Counseling
  • Goal-focused Counseling
  • Provision of information on rights, options and available services
  • Referrals linking women to appropriate services
  • Outreach to women including housing support services

To reach out to one of our counselors, email us at [email protected] or call us at 647-395-3605.

If you require VAW services in French, please reach out to the following organizations:

Centre Francophone de Toronto
Phone: 1 (877) 966-7345
Email: [email protected]

Oasis Femmes
Phone: 416-591-6565 (ext. 226), 416-591-7525 (Toronto)
Phone: 905-454-3332 (ext. 302), 905-454-9437 (Brampton)
Email: [email protected]