Virtual Helpline for Muslim Women & Youth

Virtual Helpline for Muslim Women & Youth

Islamophobia Virtual Helpline

Funded by Canadian Heritage, Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre (RIWC) is currently working with a cross-section of stakeholders from the community and justice system to set up an Islamophobia Helpline for Muslim women in the Greater Toronto Area.

Through this project, we will complete the following key activities:

  • Complete a review of existing helpline models in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario;
  • Develop strategic partnerships with local law enforcement, stakeholders from the criminal justice system, and newcomer community services;
  • Develop legal and newcomer resources to support Muslim women; 
  • Recruit 8 to 10 volunteers to pilot the helpline for a six-month period to complete a feasibility study;  and
  • Co-host a community forum to present the findings from the 18-month project to assess the impact of the helpline.

A Project Task Group will be set up and include 6 to 10 key project stakeholders who will work with RIWC to review existing models and resources; develop culturally and regionally sensitive resources and training materials for volunteers; and oversee the completion of the feasibility study for the project.

The final helpline model will be developed based on inter-Muslim dialogue that will be initiated by RIWC and the Project Task Group members through focus groups with women and youth with lived experience from the community. Focus group members will include an intersection of racialized and newcomer women who self-identify as being Muslim, including French-speaking, LGBTQ++ and those who are perceived as non-Muslims such as the Ismaili community.

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Resources from Our Partners

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