Bridging the Digital
Literacy Gap

Digital Literacy Initiatives

New Digital Literacy Webinar Series

This spring, RIWC launched a NEW webinars series to increase the literacy skills of our clients and improve their ability to access our programs and services. Between April and June 2021, an eight-part webinar series was hosted by RIWC to help our clients navigate through accessing online government benefits and community services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of the project, an online evaluation survey was completed by the webinar participants to assess the impact of the program on our target population. The following is a summary of our project outcomes:

  • 91% felt more confident in their ability to use the technology independently
  • 100% of participants intend to apply what they learned in their day-to-day life
  • 90% of participants believed the content addressed their needs
  • Topics that were most useful included access to government services and use of mobile technology
  • 100% of the participants found the curriculum content helpful
  • 72% of participants would attend a similar program in the future

The webinars were hosted live weekly and are now available to download on our site below:

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Donors and supporters, Riverdale Immigrant Women's Center, RIWC

Weekly Webinar #1

Weekly Webinar #2

Weekly Webinar #3

Weekly Webinar #4

Weekly Webinar #5

Weekly Webinar #6

Weekly Webinar #7

Weekly Webinar #8